Self-care Kit


For whom?

For those of you who feel burnt out, stressed & overwhelmed, with a tendency to to over-give or if you're going through a transition period right now (new home, country, job or separation...), this will surely help you out. ☀️

For what?

This workshop will focus on one aspect that is depleting you right now & help you to create your basic but unique self-care kit. ✨


To help you how to quickly replenish your energy and release the tension you may feel with regards to that particular issue. 🌟


anchored & clear ☀️
re-energized 🥳
adapted to your needs 👍

This workshop is not going to be a seminar where I will be presenting and you listening.
But it definitely is going to be a hands-on practical time where you'll get a helpful regenerative self-care kit tailored to your needs.

You are unique

While this is is all part of the human experience, taking care of yourself is hugely important to ensure that you have enough energy to face those life's challenges.Because you are unique, the care you give to yourself must be adapted to your needs, situation and skills.Your self-care kit should respect your singularity.

What are we gonna do

During 2 hours, we are first going to define what is depleting you the most right now, so as to be very focused (during this workshop) and then we are going to follow a method that I developed called CORE.


  • Clarify your resources

  • Outline your vision

  • Reenergize your self

  • Establish boundaries

There will be time for exchange, some quiet times to write your resources, breathing exercice & some Q&A.

This will also be an introduction to a deeper program that will expand on the method to create your resourcing space (be it inner and outer space like your environment for example).
If you want to know more, leave me a message

Some amazing testimonials


You do such a good job at asking questions. You are so dedicated at helping us find the answer in ourselves, and that is just priceless to me!It's been such a revelation.Community is such a valuable thing as well, because I've learned also from the other participants.So I love that on top of the wisdom I've gained, I've also got my 1, 2, 3 to take away as well. I love a good plan!I'm walking away with hope. That is not easy to come by. It's a gift that you have. You give people hope.
This is so reenergizing and so empowering in the best possible way. I'm really grateful. Thank you!


To me there are a few keywords that come up.First, I felt such a deep connection with the community you created in the workshop and that made me feel so safe to go within rooms, inside myself that for whatever reasons wasn't able to go into before now.Second is clarity because I felt safe to open up some doors and check in and wander around and actually look what's there. I have clarity now and I feel safe to make decisions and trust in that my decisions are actually the best one for me. I love that!It's like I feel so calm now and I also feel hope and I'm excited. Like I'm super excited!Thank you for that!


“The “Create Your Self-Care Kit” workshop presented by Coralie was well worth the money and time.  I was pleasantly surprised how calm, positive, and very intuitive Coralie was in her presentation.  She kept us attentively involved for a three-hour session, which, at first, I thought would be quite long.  However, the time went quickly, and she kept us engaged.  I immediately discovered that I was very free to talk about my issue, and she guided me to not steer away from the way it made me feel.  I particularly enjoyed the activity of looking into the near future, and treating as if it is right now.  I was much able to visualize some success or a remedy to my problem.  If Coralie has another workshop, that enhances this workshop, I will definitely participate in it again. Thank you, Coco!!”

Your awesome host

Coralie Renée

Well-being consultant & coach

I'm an intuitive coach, visual facilitator & massage therapist.
Like many others, I have not been immune to the effects of transitioning (new homes, countries, relationships, as well as new jobs, career paths, separation, money issues, etc...): stress, overwhelm, burning out. Along with fear and anxiety, sadness and sometimes apathy, frustration & anger.

To know more about me or to contact me, you can do so here:

The self-care kit workshop


  • A great workshop to create a self-care kit

  • For those who are in transition, stressed, overwhelmed, burnt out, give give give to others but forget themselves

  • To feel re-energized and able to face your challenges

The next is in Granada on
Wednesday March the 13th, 2024 - from 6.30 to 9.30pm at Vinauro:
Calle Carcel Alta 7, Granada, ES 18010

The payment is made on the day at Vinauro.

You have some questions?

No problem! You can leave me a message here:


You rock! 🤘

I can't wait to see you on this workshop! You don't have anything to prepare if you don't want to but if you feel the desire to do so, you can jot down on paper, the things that raise your energy and also if you want, you can think about the issue that's bothering you right now.

Meanwhile, you can check out my website.

Yipee! 🥳


I will get back to you very soon.

Meanwhile, you can check out my website.

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